Monday, June 15, 2009

Photo Wall Gallery


Been wanting to create a photo gallery along our empty walls. Found some great do-it-yourself instructions off the web...

Black/white foam board – $4.99 each
Tacky Spray/3M Photo glue
Large Metal Ruler
Mat, cardboard, paper bags, or newspapers (to protect floor, if needed)
Rolling Pin/clean paint roller
Razor Blade
Command velcro strips
*Items can be purchased from Michael’s Craft Store & Home Depot

Mounting photos on foam board:
Place photo on the foam board, and then mark edges with a pen (generally only two edges, using existing straight cuts). Then use metal ruler and a sharp xacto-like knife with the break-off ends. Having a VERY sharp knife is important so you don’t end up dragging and tearing the paper on the foam board. Then in the garage spray photo with 3M Photo glue, wait 2 minutes and pressed one edge of the photo, checking other edges to make sure they match. Once you get it aligned, use a clean paint roller to carefully attach the photo to the board.

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